Charity Gifts That Change Lives!

ActionAid Ireland has fifteen wonderful Ethical Gifts for you to choose from that could change a persons life in the developing world. Check out some of our thoughtful gift suggestions below for some ideas for the perfect present for family, friends, colleagues or teachers!

If you are looking for an unusual present for a Wedding, Birthday or Christening take a look at the below range of ethical gifts. 

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Give a Girl a Head Start
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Give a Girl a Head Start€30.00Your gift could open a new chapter in a girl’s life by giving her the opportunity to go to school.
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Toys€18.00Your gift of €18 could bring a smile to a child’s face in Bangladesh also.
Say Thank You to Teacher with School Books...
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Say Thank You to Teacher with School Books...€15.00This gift with a difference could help provide exercise books for one child for a whole year.
Chicken Breeding Programme- €9
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Chicken Breeding Programme- €9€9.00Your gift of a Chicken Breeding Programme could give a family food security for the future.
Mosquito Nets
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Mosquito Nets€7.00Your gift could help protect a family against the spread of Denque Fever in Cambodia.
Seeds, Tools and Training
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Seeds, Tools and Training €15.00Your gift of €15 will help provide food for a family in Kenya.
Goat Breeding Programme
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Goat Breeding Programme€38.00Your gift could give food and milk to a family in Malawi.
Bicycle for a School Girl
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Bicycle for a School Girl €50.00Your gift of €50 could pay for one bicycle enabling a girl in Ghana, Kenya or Uganda to go to school.
Fresh Drinking Water
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Fresh Drinking Water€60.00Your gift could bring new life to a community in Kenya who do not have access to safe or clean water.
Honey Bees
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Honey Bees €40.00Your gift could provide a family with a new livelihood and source of income in Uganda.
Train a Women’s Rights Leader
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Train a Women’s Rights Leader€120.00Your gift of €120 could help train a leader of a women’s rights group in Malawi to work within her community to break the cycle of domestic violence.
Organic Community Garden
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Organic Community Garden€75.00Your gift could provide a mum like Sabita in Bara, Nepal with organic vegetables to feed hungry school children and the rest of the community.